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Question 1:
Select a retail store with which you are familiar that has a Web site on which it sells products or services similar to those it sells in its physical retail stores.
Explore the Web site and examine it carefully for features that indicate the level of services it provides. Using your experience in the physical store and review of the Web site, write a 200 word evaluation of the company's touch point consistency.


In this task i've selected Guardian, it was the Pharmacy, health and Beauty retail. I choose this company because it was one of my favourite place, most of the things i want especially beauty products such as Make-up (Maybelline, Silky girl which i like most =) ), beauty products, hair products with variety brands to choose, its always available there with affordable price. At the same time, they also provide/sell medicine and vitamins, First Aid Kit Etc.I always go there mostly every month. About the payment, we can pay it by cash or by credit card. What i see in their website, there is no big different especially when they have the promotions with their stuffs. When i go to their branch (when they have SALE ), they give the booklet/cataloge that promote their selected items which they give discounts and special offer, and what i see in their website, i also can see the same cataloge/booklet appear in their promotions & events page. The price also state the same.They also always make the update about what the new arrival/items in the website, not forget also they provide the golden privilege card for their customers to sign up, with this we can have discount with every items that we purchased. Guardian also have many branches in Brunei Darussalam except in Temburong district, there could be more than 10 branches in BSB District, 2 in Kuala Belait and 1 in Tutong. Guardian  also  having their tagline "The One You Trust" which is i couldn't agree more, its already been proved that this company stand strong not only in Brunei Darussalam but worlwide.

Question 2:
What were the main forces that led to the commercialization of the Internet? Summarize your answer in about 100 words.

Answer :
The main forces that led to the commercialization of the internet is by this it is more easy to promote the items, more convinient, saving time that sometimes customers no need to come to the shop, but they just can shop at home by looking and searching the items by just clicking the website of the shop. In this task i also doing the same Company to give an example (Guardian), from the website they also can  sell and promote their stuffs and items. They also can purchase directly by using Credit card or Debit card, compare if we buy at their shop theres no big different, other than we can pay by cash.Somehow, the quality and the items also exactly the same that we can get from the shop, but in the internet maybe theres no satisfaction because i don't think that in the internet they not promoting (selling )100% stuffs/items that we can see and touch in their shop.

Question 3:
Describe two possible service-for-fee offerings that might become available to users of Internet-enabled wireless devices (such as iPad or mobile phones) in the near future. Write one paragraph for each service in which you outline the profit potential and risk of losses for each.

Answer :

Bibd Online Service is the company  which provides lots of advantages to the customers as they can paying bills through the internet by registering and login through the website that they created (Bibd.Com). From there the customers can pay the selected bills  we want to pay which the company provides such as vehicles bills, water bills, electric bills Etc, from this the customer can save their times and energy instead coming to the Bibd Branch, we can just paid through online at home, at the office and anywhere by using the laptops, handphones,ipads, ipods Etc  as long as there is internet connection. We can make the payment by using the credit card or debit card. From here also we can check our  financial account through the website, how much left, how much dividen we get every month and from here also we can know if our salary already bank in or not.The disadvantages is there is lots of the customers outside there not the internet friendly. Also if there is the problem with the internet connection and the customers cannot access the website.

Provides mobile services for 2G, 2.5G and 3.5G in providing Mobile Broadband in Brunei Darussalam. By this the users can access the internet by using their handphone/Ipad/Laptop/Ipod. From this also they providing more advantages to their customers where they can access the internet and surfing through their favourite web such as Facebook, Tagged, Blogspot Etc. From here also the users can get lots of info by googling, Wikipedia Etc. They also providing others utilities, What i know we also can buy the top up of the electric bill by sending the code of our account and the quantity (how much $) we want then by sending the message to the selected code number that Dst provide, and after we received the reply  and they give the number of the top up credit and the transaction is success, they will automatically deducted the amount from our handphone credit. By this also we save our time and energy, especially when we need it at the emergency time. The most problem that the customers  have to face is when the server and the internet connection is very poor especially when it rains and not all area have the good service/connections. What i know in my area if there is no electricity, the server also going down and lost their connections. The possibility of this company to lose their potential might be really low because here in Brunei Darussalam theres not lots of competitors other than B-mobile Service. If they just can ugrade and update the quality of the performance of the internet access more faster than as usual that could give more benefits to their company and their customers.

Question 4:
In two paragraphs, explain why a customer-centric Web site design is so important, yet is so difficult to accomplish.

Answer :

A customer-centric site design is so important, yet it is so difficult to accomplish is because selling the items in the internet having lots of competitors, for examples if we selling the handphones, people will search others website pages such as in the Bru-Direct, Facebook, Twitter Etc, they will compare the price, the quality and the condition of the handphones, what they provide n includes (packages) if we buy the handphone. It could be the new one or second hand handphones.Sometimes the quality is not the same what we see in the picture, its could be look great in the picture but we still don't know the condition inside, not impossible it could have minor or major faulty.

There could be a different when we doing it by direct selling, we already know the target whose people we want to sell our products ( handphones), it could be our friends, family, office mate, friends of our friends Etc.This business can be more easy, we can compare, touch and see the items and directly can negotiate about the price. We also can guarantee if the handphone having the faulty we can find the person who is selling it and can make redemption and negotiate about it.

Question 5:
Promoting products on the Web is different from using mass media promotion or personal contact. Assume that you want to explain these differences to a person who is planning to open a Web site that will sell fishing-rod. Write one paragraph about each approach (mass media, personal contact, the Web). In each paragraph, explain the advantages and disadvantages of the approach for the fishing rod Web business.

Answer :

Advantages  and disadvantages of the approach & promoting for the fishing rod Web business  between :-

I think this is the easy way to promote the products, its been practically from long time ago (traditionally) such as by by making the flyers, advert it at the newspapers or magazines. we just put the picture of the fishing rod including the info about it and the price, hows the condition, then if someone interested, they can contact us by leaving our contact number at the advertise we make. Sometimes by this also we can hardly achieve the target, sometimes not all people read the magazines nor the newspaper, they just skip the advertise page, and not all people will stop to read the flyers that we put at the advertise wall, just for a example at the shopping comlpex.There is also many competitors who make the flyers and advertise their products in the magazine nor in the newspaper.

I think promoting the products using personal contact is more appropriate and easy because by this we can meet face to face  and promoting the products directly and explaining about the products ( fishing rod),  what the appropriate way how to use  it and what the compatible strings and fake baits we should use and what we should not use. We also can negotiate about the price directly if the customers want to have the discount perhaps. The disadvantages is maybe there is lots of the competitors outside there selling the same products in lower price, so the customers will make the comparation and will go for the lower price instead of the quality of the products. Sometimes it is because  of the location of the shop not in the strategic area , the shop is too far for the customers to reach and recognise about it.

Providing the products by using the website is more practical and easier by using the web we ust can create Blogspot, Facebook, Tagged, Twitter Etc. From this we can promote the products, we just upload the pictures/images of the fishing rod, including the details about the fishing rod and the most important things is state of the price, the condition of the fishing rod whether it is brand new or used items.The customers can just inbox or sent message if they interested and also can negotiate about the meetpoint when and where. The disadvantages is not a big different between Promoting through the Mass Media and through the personal contact, its all about the competitors who is selling the same products if they have offered more special price than we have.Sometimes lots of the customers not the internet friendly, they more comfortable by just come directly to the shop.

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